Cast Stone Shower Bases and Shower Shelves

Why is cast stone a good material for your shower? It comes in one piece; therefore, there are no joints. It has an anti-skid finish. Also, in comparison to tile, it is cost-effective.

From our Shop to Your Home

From the time you order a shower base, to the time you have it in your home, is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. To get started, we need the dimensions of your shower area. Typical dimensions are 36" x 48". We will make an architect's drawing with your specifications, and send it to you for your approval. Also, you get your choice of different polishes and colors. We will mail you samples from which to choose your favorite. Once we have your selection finalized, we begin the manufacturing process. See the slide show below for the steps involved.

Some other cast stone products that we make for your shower are shower seats and shower shelves.

Quick Facts

  • Hundreds of Colors
  • Almost any Size and Shape
  • No-Slip Finish
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Requires Very Low Maintenance
  • Extremely High Strength
  • Additional Information

    Video: How We Make our Shower Bases